Remarkable Painting has been in business since 2000 and we’ve been painting homes all across the south bringing old, faded homes to life in just a matter of days. We specialize in exterior and interior painting. We’re a local and family owned company. Our mission is to create beautiful homes that get talked about.

We begin each job by taking time with you to discover exactly what you want and expect from your painter. Whether it’s for protection or for appreciation, we are the painters of choice in the Tulsa area for homeowners who desire the best for their home. Our goal is to get people talking about the beauty of your home.

Our professionals are sticklers for details. We take the necessary time and care to scrape, sand, fill, repair and prime to ensure that you get the full life expectancy of your paint job. We guarantee the best quality paint so you can have confidence that your paint job will be vibrant and long lasting.

One reason why our clients love to work with us is because we are meticulous in making sure our work area remains clean. So many customers tell us about “their last painter” that tracked paint around their living room or splattered paint in the bathroom or that always left a mess each day after they were done. Remarkable Painting Professionals clean freaks. We don’t want our work to impair your life or embarass you in your neighborhood.